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Portable Living & Sleeping Cabins

Sleeper cabins are ideal as an on location home from home for a wide range of sectors and industries.

Festivals and events who need to accommodate temporary personnel
The Ministry of defence and MOD contractors working on exercise or large defence projects, especially if they are only for a short period of time
The site sleeper is ideal for construction, renewables and oil / gas companies working in remote areas- increasing productivity and saving time and money on commuting to and from accommodation each day
Large Infrastructure projects; on large sites such as nuclear power and rail projects there is sometimes simply not enough accommodation locally to house the workforce, sleeper units provide a comfortable alternative reducing the pressure on the local community
Security companies like the ability to accommodate security personnel on vulnerable sites providing an additional deterrent to unwanted visitors
Out in the countryside the sleeper is perfect for seasonal workers in Agriculture and Horticulture such as those involved in the production and harvesting of fresh produce

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