Containerised self-storage continues to grow as a sector within the USA and is providing a lucrative opportunity for both existing business with spare land, as well as entrepreneurs. Shipping containers are perfect for the task since they were built for moving goods around the world.

For standard self-storage we strongly recommend using containers from our one-trip range in lengths of 8ft10ft20ft40ft with single doors, double doors or multi-compartments.


The double door (or tunnel) containers are really useful as they provide an extremely cost-effective way of dividing up a 20ft unit into two separate storage areas far more cheaply than buying two 10ft units.

Here at Portable Space we offer some additional benefits that are attractive for self-storage companies including:

  • Easy-opening doors
  • Additional air vents
  • Sealed floor options
  • Grafotherm anti-condensation coatings


Shipping Container with easy opening door

Shipping Container with Easy Opening Door

If you are new to self-storage, please get in touch. Our experienced sales team will be able to provide you with all the information you need to get your new business off the ground and our in-house CAD team will even help you with layouts to optimise the use of your space.

If finance is required, we can introduce you to some partners who might be able to help you with the initial cost of buying the containers.

If you are an existing self-store operator looking for options to replace your existing containers, we also offer excellent part-exchange programmes.

Our experienced transport team, equipped with some impressive cranes, will minimise disruption to your existing tenants.